On the Absence of a Drowning…An Open Letter to Those Who Would Have Preferred That I Had Failed

I did not drown and I did not fail.  Somehow that disappoints you.  It’s always a surprise when something you have felt in your gut all along turns out to be true – not because it is unexpected, but rather because … Continue reading

Changing the World Happens One Person at a Time

If you know me, you know this is one of my favorite quotes by an incredible man who spent his life doing things differently.  This quote set the tone for how I choose to live my life.  When a thing … Continue reading

A Brief History of an Eternity

Is anything truly forever? Is eternity anything more than just a concept? All of the great artists, writers, musicians and philosophers have tried to articulate what it is and what it means, but the closest we come to understanding it is a tiny sea creature that gets no bigger that 5 mm in size. The eternal jellyfish is the only known species with the ability to rejuvenate itself over and over again, returning to its immature form after mating. Continue reading

Rejected Resumes Anonymous…Stay at Home Moms Trying to Return to the Workplace – Part 1

      So far this week I’m up to 4 rejections.  Three of them I’m not so upset about.  Those 3 only ate up about 3.5 hours of my time plus a phone interview.  The fourth….that’s where I start … Continue reading